SAP Data in Your KNIME Analytics Workflows

Seamlessly integrate your SAP data within KNIME and make it available securely, quickly, and automatically using DuckDB.

Extract, transfer, and load (ETL) SAP Data in KNIME using RFC, ODP, or BICS

Leveraging the vast capabilities of KNIME’s node-based workflow system, the KNIME Extension for SAP Integration introduces an efficient path for swift implementation and enhanced workflow compatibility. This SAP Integration Node for KNIME is your gateway to developing robust data analytics and processing workflows tailored to harnessing SAP data. The documentation provided herein outlines the steps for connecting to SAP using the KNIME Extension for SAP Integration, integrating seamlessly with KNIME workflows to manipulate and process SAP data with precision and ease.

Our SAP Integration Node is crafted to offer exceptional, optimized data management, ensuring top-notch efficiency when working with live SAP data within KNIME. It skillfully manages complex data queries to SAP, effectively routing supported SQL operations such as filters and aggregations directly to SAP systems. For queries and operations not directly supported by SAP, like specific SQL functions and JOIN operations, our integration node makes use of KNIME’s robust data processing capabilities to execute these operations within the workflow, thereby achieving thorough and effective data management.

Including SAP into Your KNIME Workflow

Download our KNIME SAP Connector Workflow from the KNIME hub into your local KNIME environment.

KNIME SAP Workflow

The workflow contains two nodes:

  1. Conda Environment Propagation: This node contains the conda environment for the loading the DuckDB Python package. Enrich this conda environment according to your needs.
  2. Python Script: This node loads the DuckDB extension, installs our ERPL SAP connector, add your SAP credentials (you may place your credentials by adding the Credential Configuration node to your workflow), and query an example table.
import as knio
import duckdb

con = duckdb.connect(config={"allow_unsigned_extensions": "true"})
con.sql("SET custom_extension_repository = '';")
SET sap_ashost = 'localhost';
SET sap_sysnr = '00';
SET sap_user = 'DEVELOPER';
SET sap_password = 'ABAPtr1909';
SET sap_client = '001';
SET sap_lang = 'EN';

df = con.sql("SELECT * FROM sap_rfc_invoke('BAPI_FLIGHT_GETLIST', path='/FLIGHT_LIST')").df()

knio.output_tables[0] = knio.Table.from_pandas(df)

If you need to test this workflow in a test system you may be interested in our tutorial of setting up a local test environment.

After the successful installation all queries shown in the Python can also be executed in the KNIME Python script. Our Python example data extraction and transformation example can be found in Connecting Python with SAP