Lists all tables available in the SAP system.


Explore the API of a RFC function.

The function has the following signature:

SELECT * FROM sap_rfc_describe_function('$BAPI_NAME')
  • NAME: Containing the full name of the BAPI, typically this is the same as the argument of the function.

  • IMPORT: Contains a list with description of all input types. Have a look especially at the required flag. This parameters have to be provided.

  • EXPORT: Also list with export parameters.

  • CHANGING: Are so called in/out parameters, which can be input as well as output.

  • TABLES: This are parameters in form of tables (which are lists of structs in DuckDB). Tables can also have in/out direction.

Example usage

SELECT * FROM sap_rfc_describe_function('BAPI_FLIGHT_GETLIST')