SAP Data in Your Power BI Application

Connect your Data from SAP with Power BI. Fast, easy, and reliable integration of your ERP Data.

Analyse SAP Data with Power BI

Our DuckDB extension for SAP is designed for developing more efficiently analytic applications in the Microsoft ecosystem, especially PowerBI.

ERPL facilitates quick deployment and smooth system integration with minimal dependencies. It is your key to crafting high-performance applications and pipelines focused on extracting, transforming, and loading SAP data.

ERPL is engineered for advanced, optimized data processing, guaranteeing superior performance using DuckDB. It adeptly navigates complex SQL queries to SAP, strategically directing supported SQL operations like filters and aggregations straight to SAP. For operations not inherently supported by SAP, such as certain SQL functions and JOIN operations, our connector leverages the embedded SQL engine to process these on the client side, ensuring comprehensive and efficient data handling.

Replicate Mass Data via ERPL ODP to Microsoft Azure and Analyse in PowerBI


Retrieve Data from SAP Business Warehouse to Microsoft Azure and Analyse in PowerBI